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“Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.” Proverbs 16:24

Hi, I'm Melissa, which means honeybee. It’s whimsical; a symbol or an analogy, which this enneagram 4, INFP gal loves. I was born in a pastel peachy pink hospital, the color of a soft sunsetting sky in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Just down the block from the hospital is a big white church with a tall steeple where I married Jeff, which means “God peace”. Jeff builds homes/dwelling spaces for people to live in. We have two adorable boys, Oliver and Ivan, and a sweet shaggy dog named Maggie who is my shadow. And since I am on this name kick, I might as well keep it up. Oliver means affectionate and peaceful. Ivan means God is gracious. And well, Maggie’s full name is Magnolia. Flower blooming trees make my heart sigh and sing. This blog and website is a place for me to share art and faith and gentleness. Thank you for stopping by. I hope you feel welcome here.



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