First Day of Autumn?

humid Somewhat hot

A dozen mosquito bites

Green trees

Green grass

Green acorns

Summer seems to last four months in Oklahoma leaving only two months for Autumn

Red dirt

Dried up Riverbeds

A hill or two

in the middle

Flat and dry

Always soaking in a pretty sky

Oklahoma in September

Meanwhile I am still in transition like the weather, transitioning into our new home, and it feels like a strenuous uphill climb right now, before we are settled in or the temperature cools down.

The photos consist of reading in the middle of the city dump while Jeff unloads our trailer of trash/decluttering during the move.

Rainbow reflections/prisms dancing on my wall every sunset time at my new house; heavenly and whimsical and special

Rainbow; covenant/God's oath

Different clouds in the sky each day

New backyard love!