Goodnight Weekend

  • A hymn I sang on Thursday giving me comfort. Thank you hymn writer, piano player, and person who put all the books under the pews too and God for letting me "hide myself in the thee".
  • A Gentle sweet reminder found on the Internet ; thank you to Ann Voscamp
  • Oliver and I watching the sunset on our front porch Saturday night; thank you God

A little line of poetry by me from years past reminding me of Saturday's sunset, not meant to be deep or lofty....

....So I slide down the mountain to the valley again, and sit by the streams with my feet in the water, while holding the hand of my heavenly Father

Many more miles of traveling tracks many more hours of winding paths

But tonight as the sun goes to bed, pulls over the sheets of pink, orange, and red; that fill the sky of pale blue, I find my rest I need in you for you are enough for now and you are enough forever