What I Learned in October


An author of a blog I follow (Emily P. Freeman)  posts what she learns each month. I love her practice of looking back before moving forward. She even gave some tips on how she does it, like going back through her iPhone pictures or bullet point journal. Such a fun and good idea. So here is my first monthly post about 4 things I learned in October.

  1. Coloring over leaves is still surprisingly fun and therapeutic. When my laundry was piled high and I couldn't get motivated to do much, Oliver and I went out grabbed a few leaves from the front yard put the paper over the leaves and then colored. So fun to see the pattern of the leaves. It was spontaneous, easy fun.
  2.  I learned about a small town named Bethlehem, New Hampshire. I travelled there this October for youngest brother's wedding. The leaves were in peak fall colors that week. They were married in a stone church over 100 years old. I had been reading the Emily Trilogy by L.M. Montgomery author of Anne of Green Gables, and so I felt like I was in the setting of the book which takes place on Prince Edward Island in Canada. There were fir trees, wild ferns, and apple trees up in the Northeast just like the book. I loved that they got married in a small town "Bethlehem"....I am all about celebrating the small. I hope I can go back soon! Also, I stumbled upon the Emily books from one of my favorite blogs  Modernmrsdarcy  . Thought I should share. The link is to one of my favorite posts of hers. She gives book recommendations based on personality types. I am an INFP (like her).
  3. Golden Books have such whimsical Illustrations. A friend showed me the book "I Am Bunny" and I loved it. They have it at target right now. All the illustration made me happy! My favorite ABC book for Oliver is a golden book "ABC" book simply because the quirky, cute, fun art in it.
  4. 2 year olds in costume are adorable. Above is my son Oliver as Darth Vader and his cousin Coco Mae as Elsa. I can't handle all the cuteness of them. The tough guy expression and princess shopping in the grocery store is great.