Knitting in November

It sounds like a hobby I would enjoy if I knew how, but knitting is what God was speaking to me about this month. In my Bible Study notes about the "People of God" I read:

"God knits his people together as a foretaste of the glorious unity we will experience as we praise the King of kings and Lord of lords together for all eternity."

"(God) divinely connects His people through the power of the Holy Spirit.

And right as I read this I got a phone call from a friend in my cul-de-sac "Come over". Let's just say unusual circumstances aligned so that we could go out for soup and macaroons on a Friday afternoon. It was such an unexpected and needed treat.


Then while we were there, she ran into her old co-worker. She had transitioned to a stay-at-home mom this year from her former job as an elementary school social worker. You should have heard her friend when they saw each other "Oh, I miss is so good to see you" as she rested her head on her friend's shoulder. I love that she was wearing the regular Friday school teacher/staff attire- a school t-shirt or sweatshirt! Brought me back to the days of teaching fourth grade myself, and how I loved Fridays because we got to wear jeans and a school t-shirt!  The relief and comfort shined through her face as she ended up taking a seat with us at lunch. I listen to the two catch up on how things were going. I loved hearing their stories. They are inspiring women to me. I could tell it was a divine moment of encouragement and joy for both.

Also, if you live in Tulsa, I definitely recommend trying Antoinette's Bakery!

On Saturday I went to a baby shower. An heirloom gift was given to the new momma-to-be. An amazing and intricate cool anthropologie looking knitted white blanket that was her's as a baby. What  touched my heart was that the blanket was knitted by her mom's best friend back in the day and now the mother was passing it down to her daughter. Friendship strengths us and that strength of love carries over into generations to come.

At the shower I was also able to see a friend that encourages me in my writing and in life. It is hard to schedule time to get together, so it was such a gift to see her on Saturday.

"By God's wonderful design, His people are unique individuals beautifully woven into a rich and diverse community."

As a blog "follower", I have been moved by how much other Christian bloggers support each other with links to one another's pages etc. There is a woven community I have seen through different writers/blogs that is just great.