Tuesday Inspiration

“Freely you have received; freely give.” Matthew 10:8

Sharing inspiration with you each Tuesday.


I read a great article by Gary Morland on Hope*Writers.com about When You Worry It's Too Late to Start. He featured this painting above and some information about the artist, Anna. I thought I would share the painting and some of what I read about the artist.


"Anna Mary Robertson Moses did embroidery all her life, then stopped because of arthritis. Friends suggested she start painting which she did at age 76. She gave paintings as Christmas gifts. Then one day an art expert saw her paintings in a drug store selling for $3 and bought them all. She painted for twenty five more years, became world famous as “Grandma Moses,” met Presidents, and one of her paintings is in the White House right now. The picture above is hers. Someone paid over a million dollars for it."

I just now finished my first painting in five years that someone will be giving away for a Christmas gift. It is far from perfect and pretty rough.Thank you to Anna for creating beautiful painting, and to Hope*writers for the inspiration.

.turn your eyes upon Jesus mug


My dear friend Molly showed me these mugs. I love them and you can buy them at the Kristin Schmucker website. You can also click the photos above to take you to the website.



Sharing with you my favorite designers today; The Dittamore girls! They have helped me find lovely treasures for my house and encouraged me to create art myself! Ashley Dittamore Fouch is my sister-in-law. I couldn't have dreamed up a more creative and inspiring sister.  If you ever need some design help, I suggest her and her mom! Also they are fun to follow on instagram! Click the picture above or below for a link to their lovely website.



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