Goodbye Wisteria, Hello New Home

2015 Letting Go to Move Forward

Every spring I looked forward to the Wisteria blooming in my backyard, and the wild vines growing ever so rapidly every summer which turned one side of my backyard into a jungle. Those little things always inspire me. We knew if we ever rented out that house the vines would need to be cut down. It grows too profusely becoming a pain to cut back and trim several times throughout the summer. I think it was actually starting to kill the tree which it wraps around. Well, we unexpectedly ended up moving to a different home this summer.

So it was goodbye to the Wisteria. I am thankful Jeff let me keep it while we lived there, because he knew I loved it so much. I would sit at my desk and stare out the window into the back yard enjoying the vines twirled and twisted in the trees. I am thankful.

This year we also said goodbye to our first dog, Sammy. We got him as newlyweds to keep me company while my husband worked night shifts at his old job. Well, Sammy was always a difficult dog and this fall he bit Jeff. It was a bad bite. I worried about having him around small kids. Also, he was always barking constantly when friends came over. He would find my shoes and chew them up any chance he got. He added a lot of extra stress to our lives, but I did adore him. Anyways, letting go of "Sammy Dog" was such a good decision for us. I hope he found a good home. Now when guest come over, I can actually enjoy greeting them because it is quiet. We still have Magnolia "Maggie", and I am thankful that she transitioned very well without Sammy. She gets to be inside more and gets more attention. She is such a good and gentle dog.

Anyways, those are two things I said goodbye to in 2015, and they were two things I appreciated the last few years. I am making room for new things and new opportunities and counting my blessings along the way.

Home with Heart Ahead 2016

This upcoming year I am excited to hopefully focus on making my house a home. I am going to start this year by reading "The Nesting Place"  for inspiration on how to embrace the imperfections of my home! Thank you to the author Myquillyn Smith for an autographed copy of her book that I received by signing up for a month subscription to hope*writers! I knew I would receive a free book but I didn't know it would be signed with a little note! A special surprise; little things mean a lot!

Here is a photo of right when we moved into our new home, ready to embrace the imperfections.