First Snow


The first snow of the year is here.

I look out my front window

and see the neighbor's nativity still outside.

I am glad.

They have not put it away yet.

It makes me thankful to have neighbors who also love the Lord

and hold onto His promises.


Jeff is on his way to take Oliver over to "Grandmom and Granddad's" for the day. So, it should be quiet at home. A quiet slow Saturday to end the first week in 2016.

Lord we turn to you. Turn our eyes toward Jesus. We give you all our plans. We ask you for your help and guidance too. 

We simply

need and love



Here are a few links to share with you of a podcast and a blog that I loved.


This is a podcast called "Thrill of Hope" by the Pastor of St. Louis Family Church.  I just listened to it yesterday. My older brother lives in St. Louis and goes to that church. I often listen to the sermons while I walk and run on my treadmill or clean. I especially love the way this pastor speaks into the lives of people battling depression or oppression. His prayers and his words are so encouraging and filled with the light that pierces the darkness!Can't wait to listen to the next podcast that was just posted about comfort! Thank you to St. Louis Church!

"And so we begin another year-long journey, bags packed whether we realize it or not.

If we don’t pay attention, those self-packing bags tend to fill up heavy with burdens we don’t need.

Today, take a peek into your bag.

Do you see shame right there on top?

Is comparison hiding in the zipped up pouch?

Is fear rolled up tight and heavy on the bottom?

Recognize what is making your own pack feel heavy, and consider replacing those items today. There are lighter bundles to bring along.





Emily P Freeman