Sometimes Just Showing Up is Enough


There is a poem about Winter that I love.  It is from a children's book that I have shared about on this blog before. This particular poem is called Winter. I love it as a reminder to be gentle and understanding with myself in these weeks of little sunlight, grey skies, and freezing temps.I wanted to share this poem and some tips I am trying these winter months.

"Winter is a slow, low time. Everything

is hiding from the cold; just staying alive is

enough. Days are short, but the long frosty

nights blaze with stars and spring

is just a moon or two away."

  • If the best you can do is to just show up, start with that!Last winter I joined a multi-generational Bible study and showing up was the best thing for me! I did not facilitate the group or host the monthly dinners/lunches. I showed up and gave hugs! And the love and kindness I felt from these Grandmas, Great-Grandmas, and moms was just what I needed.
  • Make lighter goals if you need to; like walking on the treadmill instead of running. I start with just walking on the treadmill and every time I end up running. But still the only way I would have actually gotten on the treadmill in the first place was if I was set in my mind just to walk.
  • Make cozy winter time goals, this can be fun! For instance lighting more candles, reading good books, and wearing very very comfy warm fuzzy cozy clothes and then just showing up!!!! and maybe by just showing up you will find that God will strengthen you for the "good works, which God prepared in advance for you to do." Ephesians 2:10
  • Also Vitamin D and essential oils!

Love, Prayer, and Hope in Christ

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