The Clouds Break

It is Friday. My husband finally got home last night after being gone at the Home Builder's Convention in Las Vegas all week, and the sky is blue again with the sun shining! It was grey grey grey all week here in Tulsa. Hooray for the sun! Anyways, come with me! I have somewhere so fun to take us today!

Off to the Swiss Alps?!!!! Just imagine .....

"It was very beautiful on the mountain that morning. The night wind had blown all the clouds away and the sky was deep blue. The sun shone brilliantly on the green pasture land and the flowers which were blooming everywhere. There were primroses, blue gentian, and dainty yellow rock-roses." -Heidi- by Johanna Spyri

and while we are just sitting in the meadow on the mountain, I will read to you some hymns from the book too!

Did you know there are hymns throughout the book of Heidi?

She learns to read, and then reads them by request to a lonely grandma that is blind but holds on to what never fades; God's love, hope, and truth! Then Heidi shares them with the Doctor in the story, she says to him " Perhaps it would help you to hear one of Grannie's hymns. She says they bring her back the light."  I agree! So why not imagine we are sitting next to Heidi, breathing in mountain air, and listening to her share....


"The golden sun

His course doth run,

And Spreads his light,

So warm and bright,

Upon us all.

We see God's power

From hour to hour.

His love is sure

And will endure

For evermore.

'Sorrow and grief

Are only brief.

True joy we'll find,

and peace of mind,

In God's good time."

....Grannie sighed at last. 'It makes my old heart rejoice.'

Heidi had never seen such a peaceful expression on Grannie's careworn face. It looked at though she had indeed found 'true joy and peace of mind.'


Now picture "the valley below bathed in sunlight. In front of them (us) a snow cloud mountain stood out against the blue sky and the left of this was a huge mass of rock, with jagged twin peaks. Everything was still. Only a gentle breeze set the blue and yellow flowers nodding on their slender stems."

Wasn't that peaceful and nice? Well, wishing you a refreshing and comforting weekend with ones that you love.

Hope and Love in Christ


*Right after I wrote this today, one of my favorite authors, Emily P Freeman shared about a fun instagram post of Jewel yodeling! It is just a delightful little clip and felt like it went with this post perfectly, so I had to share! Here is a link