A Tuesday Prayer: When Your Path Narrows or Turns


Have your horizons closed?

Has your path narrowed?

Has there been a bend in the road you didn't expect?

Before your "future seemed to stretch out before you like a straight road". You thought you "could see for many a milestone." But now there is a bend in it, and you don't know what lies around the bend?"

My prayer and inspiration today comes from the last page of Anne of Green Gables. I just finished reading it myself.

"Anne's horizons had closed in since the night she had sat there after coming home from Queen's; but if the path set before her feet was to be narrow she knew that flowers of quiet happiness would bloom along it. The joys of sincere work and worthy aspiration and congenial friendship were to be hers; nothing could rob her of her birthright of fancy or her ideal world of dreams. And there was always the bend in the road! "

-LM Montgomery-

May God give you hope, that though you may be walking a narrow path, or a path that turned a different way than what you expected, you still will find comfort along the way. May God bring flowers of quiet happiness, joys of sincere work and worthy aspirations and congenial friendship to encourage and strengthen you along the way. 

Hope and Love in Christ