February Winds

I was sitting at my computer desk this past month during Oliver's nap time. Outside the wind was wailing and bare branches were flailing against the blue sky. It was so windy. I even saw a friend post on instagram a picture of her trampoline blown sideways across her yard. I felt February was treating me in a similar way, with some resistance.

Oliver, my two year old, had been quiet in bed for at least 15 minutes, when I heard a scurry of little feet bounding into the room. He threw his arms up with a big smile and then said TA-DA! The surprise combined with the cuteness made me smile.

Later  that week when I came upon a scripture passage about the wind in Mark chapter 4. I imagined Jesus reacting just like this to His miracle; hands in the air, smile on his face, sweetness and joy in his eyes Ta-Da! I think it's fun to imagine stories with different funny endings, and I find lightheartedness and laughter is a good tool for facing storms! But after He rebukes the wind he says to his disciples "Why are you still afraid, do you still have no faith?". Jesus wanted the disciples to have faced the storm with more faith, instead of desperation and fear. This is a reminder I needed this month too; to face difficult situations with faith.

Another devotional I read this month was about the wind too. It is from  a devotional Streams in the Desert that my Grandma gave me. So I thought I would simply share it with you, as well as a prayer for your month of February.


A February Prayer

I pray that the Lord helps us face the strong winds with faith instead of fear. Let them bring us closer to you. Let us turn to you, and wait for you, and as we wait help us to trust. Also I pray for moments of unexpected joy and laughter in our lives this month too. In Jesus Name Amen

Love and Hope in Christ


"He will cause you to ride on the heights of the land." Isaiah 58:14