Tuesday Inspiration

A small post to share with you some inspiration including the perfect pens, how to keep pockets full of sunshine (or a purse full of sunshine), plus a book and blog recommendation. God thank you for the little bits of inspiration you give to us each day. 

Perfect Pens

I may have found my favorite pens, recommended by Anne at Modernmrsdarcy.com.  Thank you! I bought them at Target and thought I should share the tip too! They are the Staedtler marker pens.image

Pockets full of Sunshine

To keep encouragement with me everywhere I go I also bought small journals to go in my purse (not actually my pocket). I will fill up the journal with scriptures, quotes, or any encouraging words from friends and family. This idea came from the book Strengthen Yourself in the Lord

Meditating of God’s promises will strengthen you.

“I write down the promises and prophecies that are spoken over me. Like the rudder of a ship, they determine the direction for my thoughts and desires, and eventually my life. I put the shorter one on 3×5 index cards, and the longer ones I keep in a file on my computer. They are in my briefcase and go wherever I go- and I read them often.”

-Strengthen Yourself in the Lord

The index cards did not working for me, so I am trying a little notebook. The notebooks are also from Target. I have written a few things already; Isaiah 58:11-12, a word of encouragement from my sister-in-law Tori and a scripture verse my sister-in-law Ashley gave me, also a recent quote I read from Anne of Green Gables that felt particularly meant for me and this season I am in....like a promise from God.  

Persuasion and Alizanaomi.com

I recently posted about my favorite books I read last year, and there is one book I would have liked to include that I forgot about. Persuasion; It the first Jane Austen book I have ever read. You can download it for free on your iPad, which is what I did. I decided to read it based on all the comments from Emily P. Freeman's post The top Best Books I've Never Read. So many of the readers recommended it. I recommend it too now.

Also this weekend I found a new blog I love! Alizanaomi.com The writer/artist is an ENFP personality type, somewhat similar to me (INFP). Her "about" page maybe one of my favorite. She "believes in ice cream", loves watercolor, journals, coffee, and sundresses! Same here! Hooray for new blogs to follow!  Thank you to Aliza for sharing. Here is a fun link to hand lettering tips and tricks that she gives!

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“Freely you have received; freely give.” Matthew 10:8

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