A Wave of Rosy Light

"Courage and hope flooded her cold little soul like a wave of rosy light."

Emily of New Moon, LM Montgomery

What is it about a wave of rosy light that brings courage and hope to my soul? Maybe it is the gentleness?

Praying God's gentleness will strengthen your heart today.

I also wanted to share two links.

My friend Erin who lives down the street from me is giving away free oils this week! Follow her on instagram for a chance to get some free essential oils.  okieessentialoiler I love oils!!!

My friend Molly is a Holy Yoga Instructor. I am sharing a link to her Facebook page. She often posts her class playlists each week from Spotify on this page. If you live in Tulsa her classes are free, and they are great! If you need some inspiring music checkout her playlists. Holy-Yoga Tulsa