A Little Lightness for Your Soul

I have always gravitated towards soft colors and watercolors. The softness of the sky

makes my heart sigh.

Even my purse is a pale blush. And I'm constantly replacing my soft golden ballet flats with a new pair of shoes dusted in pale gold shimmer.

Bright colors can tend to give me headaches.

But I feel at home with softness.

God feels near and close.

Maybe that is because as He said

“ I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” Matthew 11:29-30

It's the everyday way gentleness flows

often subtle and softly, over again and again

like the phases of the moon,

which slowly conceal then reveal,

it steadies my heart, with its luminous glow

Thank you God for Your lightness, thank you for beauty, laughter and smiles that lift and drift us upward to a place where heaven feels near

and we know we are dear to you.

Last week I mentioned I was starting a mini series on gentleness called Golden. I chose that title because gentleness feels that way to me. It feels valuable, rare, and beautiful.

Gold is soft and malleable but dense as well;

Gentleness is soft but also dense with compassion, humility and strength.

Gold also happens to be less reactive compared to other metals. To respond with gentleness we must often be slow to react and wise by using restraint.

I found an analogy about Elephants and gentleness that made me happy, and I want to share it with you:

"Elephants are so strong they have frequently been used for logging—to carry large logs and even uproot trees. But these giants are usually gentle, especially when tamed from a young age.

The elephant’s trunk in particular is an example of strength coupled with precise control. Its trunk, with more than 40,000 individual muscles, is strong enough to rip branches from trees but sensitive enough to pick up a single blade of grass!

The trained elephant illustrates the great value of having both strength and careful gentleness—unlike the proverbial “bull in a china shop.” -Don Hoosier, The Fruit of the Spirit-Meekness and Gentleness; Strength with a Tender Touch-

"For a physical comparison, if you were badly injured and needed someone to gently carry you, wouldn’t you want someone who was really strong? You wouldn’t want a person who might stumble or clumsily struggle with you!"-Don Hoosier, The Fruit of the Spirit-Meekness and Gentleness; Strength with a Tender Touch-


I think about the Lion and the Lamb

In His strength He also displays gentleness

I think about the setting sun,

Soothing our souls day after day.

The sun itself is so filled passion and power,

That we often cannot stare straight into it;

Yet He has figured how to also let it softly warm our skin,

Cascade on the meadows at dawn and the fresh cut lawns.

He has figured how to be so soft yet so strong.

And it is healing and hopeful.


" Yes; even if there were nothing else to testify to the gentleness of God, the flowers would bear their silent witness.  " T. Campbell Finlayson, The Divine Gentleness