A Poem & Prayer for the Month of April


If you would like, come with me today to Mackinac Island in Michigan.

I found a little chapel

cornered in a cliff

tucked into trees.

It overlooks a meadow

of golden flowers and honeybees.

Sheltered and safe, but also with open space;

it just seems like a sweet spot the soul.

So, I wanted to share.

"There are very few places where the soul is truly safe, where the knowing, the questions, the longings of the soul are welcomed, received and listened to rather than evaluated, judge or beaten out of us." Sacred Rhythms, Ruth Haley Barton


Gentleness seems rare

so that often many are afraid to share

in a world so quick to judge

so quick to shame

so quick to point out blame

gentleness seems rare.

But in Your shelter I have found it there,

honesty is allowed,

and feelings can be felt, and You respond;

slow to anger abounding in love.

And this gentleness seems fierce and strong,

your shield of righteousness blocking arrows of condemnation

as you whisper truths of my salvation.

And I have not forgotten the price you paid for this gentleness I feel,

Thank you Jesus.

I have been doing a mini series on gentleness called Golden, because that's how gentleness feels to me. Last week I wrote about the strength found in softness in a post called A Little Lightness for Your Soul. This week I wanted to write about how God's gentleness is so kind that it allows us to be honest and open before Him. When I started to write about it this poem came about. I hope you enjoy. Also, April means "to open" and as right now we are in the middle of April, let us praise the Lord who lets us be open and honest with Him.