Some Friday Inspiration

Hello! You've made it to Friday, High Five!!!! Thanks for stopping by and being a guest on my blog. By Friday my energy and motivation are usually running low. So,  if you are like me a weekend is either a retreat for the soul or a bunch of events and task you must get accomplished while running on empty. Either way, with a busy or slow weekend, my soul craves some nurturing!

Like a clean, uncluttered, spacious yet cozy guest room I hope you can come here for rest and renewal. So maybe light a candle and enjoy some links, some company from other writers, and some inspiration.


Links I Love

These are all great reads for it you are feeling tempted to lose heart concerning projects or goals.

Prayer for Motivation by Emily P Freeman

The Four Disciplines of the Heart by Michael Hyatt

Art is Messy Before It's Pretty by Erin K. Etheridge

I'll be Planting a Garden by Aliza Latta

3 Ways to Avoid Despair as You Pursue You Hoped-For-Work by Marian Vischer

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