Fool's Gold: When Wisdom is Left Out


Let us weave wisdom and gentleness together.

Let it be tested, tried, and true; like pure gold.

Because gentleness without wisdom

may become enabling.

And wisdom without gentleness

may not be receivable.

Let us remember this golden truth;

We need God's words of wisdom guiding our gentle gestures.

Pyrite is known as 'fool's gold',

and the difference between gold and pyrite is great.

Pyrite is hard, brittle and tarnishes a brown color when exposed to oxygen.

Gold is soft, malleable, and  resists deterioration by air, moisture, or acidic conditions.

Pyrite shatters when hit by a hammer, gold does not.

Pyrite even produces a sulphurous smell like rotten eggs.

Gold is odorless.

I feel like this is an accurate comparison of gentleness with wisdom verses gentleness without it.

In a recent blog post author, Emily P. Freeman  explains this well. Emily writes;

"I’m learning, however slowly, the difference between being nice and being kind. And the difference is stark.

'Niceness may be pleasant, but it lacks conviction. It has no soul. Niceness trims its sails to prevailing cultural winds and wanders aimlessly, standing for nothing and thereby falling for everything.' – Barry H. Corey, Love Kindness

Niceness comes from a place of fear.

Kindness comes from a place of love."

Kindness is an expression of both gentleness and wisdom. Whereas, being 'nice' is often a shallow surface expression that shatters with the smallest offense.

My vision for this blog is to create a gentle place to gather strength. So my prayer is that the gentleness here would not be flaky or flimsy but rooted in truth and wisdom.

Thank you so much for continuing to join me in my first mini-series exploring gentleness. I appreciate each and every reader!

Next week in the series I will be writing about beauty and gentleness. Then after that I will write about how gentleness offers help to others.

Love and Hope In Christ


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