Looking Back on April

“The practice of paying attention serves as an anchor for the soul in a fast-moving world.” Emily P. Freeman

Time for end of the month reflections. It's becoming my favorite pattern of practice; skimming through photos, highlighting in my journal, and noting interesting tidbits I might have learned.

This month's reflection includes miracles, setbacks, things that made me smile, a word of the month, and an app of the month.

As always, I will be linking up with Emily P Freeman, and I welcome you to do so too!

What I Learned

  1. I learned about perseverance and provision.
  2. Celebrating each stage of the creative process is important.
  3. I still need to be careful with my neck, especially when it comes to renovating homes.
  4. I learned a little about Korea that made me laugh from my friend Kara.
  5. A two year old talking is too adorable and often too funny for words.
  6. April means "to open".
  7. There is a better way to store my photos.


Built and Sold

Since my first date with Jeff I have heard him talk about his dream to build a home. He even has a degree in Construction Science. This month Jeff sold his first house! It has been a journey of small beginnings, years of waiting, enormous risk, and tons of hard work.

 I'm thankful for God's provision this month, providing buyers for Jeff's home, and also for all I have learned about perseverance and faith along the way.

Creative Encouragement

Even though I just started blogging in August, by January I was already wondering if I should keep on keeping on. It does take time, and I want to be faithful and obedient with my time and my pursuits. Enter Emily P Freeman. I had already read her book A Million Little Ways about uncovering the art you were made to live. I also recently read Simply Tuesday. It is hard to find voices out there which I connect with, but Emily's voice has been one of those for me.

Well,  I surprisingly had the opportunity to talk one on one with her over the course of five weeks. She has poured her wisdom and kindness into my life. It is something I would have never expected. It felt like God went across the U.S. and tapped my favorite author on the shoulder, and prompted her to come sit on a bench with me for five weeks and be my mentor. I felt very known and loved by God. Among the many things I learned, one of my favorite take aways was learning about the importance of celebrating each stage of the creative process. Thank you Emily!

Transitioning out of the five weeks and moving forward has been a little difficult. It is hard when good things come to an end. That is something I am learning about and processing this month. Maybe I will write about it in the future.


Pain in the Neck


Right now we are currently living with my parents for a short period of time. That is a blessing! We are renovating our old home to rent out. Soon we will be renovating the house we just bought and are moving into. All the painting flared up my neck pain that I have dealt with in the past. You can read a little bit about my experience with chronic pain here.

After way over-doing it, I had to take it easy for several days.

Things that Made Me Smile

Election Day In Korea


Kara, my friend living in Korea shared an Instagram post about Korean Politics that surprisingly made me laugh and smile. She wrote:

"Election Day in Korea is less than two weeks away, which means there are people on almost every street corner promoting their candidate by wearing matching clothes, gloves, and sashes, and holding posters of their candidate's face. Trucks like this one with a stage drive by the apartment buildings while campaign workers wave from the back and BLARE inspirational songs. This truck was playing an opera version of "You Raise Me Up". It sounded like it was rolling through our living room even with all the windows closed. So many things I love about the lightheartedness of it all. It kind of makes me want to vote for all of them."

Oliver on the Phone


Oliver, my two year old was pretending to talk to his 3 year old cousin Coco Mae on his plastic phone. Over hearing his pretend conversion melted my heart! So cute.

"Are you getting big and strong? I'm getting big and strong. You are my favorite cousin who takes care of me. I love you Coco."

Word of the Month


April means to open. Here is a photo of white peonies planted by the previous owner of our old home. They just bloomed this month.

Here is a blog post I wrote this month about being open before the Lord.

App of the Month

Google Photos

I started using the google photo app to help me store photos. It also automatically makes fun animations. Plus, now I have the photos from my phone available on my computer with out any extra fuss.

Google photo animation of Oliver and his friends at the park!