Beautiful Golden Threads

golden threads
"All glorious is the princess within her chamber; her gown is interwoven with gold." Psalms 45:13

Golden threads woven in and out of a gown; catching the light as the bride is led forward.

Gentle moments woven through the canvas of ordinary and hard days, drawing us closer to Him, leading us forward.

Gentleness offers beauty, even if that beauty comes from a simple shift in perspective. A simple slant towards the sun, catching the light.

I think of the song:

Something beautiful,

Something good,

All my confusion He understood.

All I had to offer Him was brokenness and strife,

but He made something beautiful out of my life.

Looking for Lovely, is a book I have not read yet, but it was quoted in a newsletter I received this past month. The quote captured my feelings about beauty.

"It feels like beauty might be knots in the rope you are climbing, gas stations along the cross-country journey, the water stations strategically set up on a race course. Beauty is what makes it possible to keep going." Annie Downs, Looking for Lovely

little things mean a lot

The last month or so I have been writing a series on gentleness called Golden. This week I wanted to write about how God often shows me gentleness through beauty. These moments strengthen my heart; cheering me on through the more difficult times.

Here is a little snapshot of a moment that felt beautiful and gentle to me. If you are a teacher, especially a fairly new teacher I am sure you will relate.


Summer was starting. Our first year of marriage was coming to a close. My first year of teaching completed.

Wearing polka dot pajama pants, sitting criss-cross-applesauce, I opened up the book Ballet Shoes.

Kathleen Kelly a character in "You've Got Mail" had gently slipped me this book recommendation through one of her lines in the movie.

Out the window rain fell. The couch I sat on was worn with scratch marks and a chewed up arm rest. Lamp lighting and my coffee mug kept me close company.

And a sleepy puppy named Maggie cozied up in my lap.

There were no students, no teacher evaluations, and no parent opinions to worry about.

The sweet and slow Summer was beginning with a moment of gentleness and beauty; a beautiful story, a beautiful puppy, and a beautiful rainy day for reading.


Thank you God for Your beauty and for beautiful moments that bring us comfort.

When we question if our efforts to create beauty in any big or small ways are worth it,  give us the encouragement we need to keep on.

And when our best efforts still look like a mess, remind us that You see beauty in ashes.

Let us see things from your perspective of love.

"A firm center and soft edges means we are creators of goodness and beauty."Barry H Corey, Love Kindness