Weekend Links


Here are some links I thought you might enjoy this weekend.

Love and Hope in Christ,


"You're NOT Too Sensitive: the Strength of a Tender Heart" 10-Day Email Series. 

I am currently loving this email series created for any sensitive soul! Thank you Cheri for sharing!

Are You an Over Apologizer by Erin from Design for Mankind

I learned a helpful suggestion from this blog post that I thought you might need as well.

For it is the Fight that will Awaken Us   by Mark Steele

This post was fascinating and encouraging. It's a story about fevers, autism, and creativity.

Robbie the Magician

My older brother's birthday was this week. Here is a special post I wrote about Rob.

The Spiritual Discipline of Beginning Where You Are by Emily P Freeman

Emily writes about the the blend of beginnings and ends of Spring and Summer. My favorite part is the comparison of two photos of a cup of pencils; one photo from the beginning of the school year and the other photo from the end of the school year.