Tuesday Poem: Summertime Daisies


Summertime daisies

they wait through Winter

listening to snow


harmonizing with the evergreens

in May they watch the peonies take the stage

like a Spring dance recital of puffy pink tutu's

when fully bloomed the heavy flowers take a bow,

and are swept away from the garden stage

to be admired by adoring fans, arranged in glass vases set on top of book cases.

Then the daisies hear a warm & golden voice,

saying you are Summer's choice,

little flower, white and sweet, I have chosen you

for such a time as this,

will you bloom under the Summer moon?

So the Summer daisies grow, showing up

in suburban garden beds,

to bring a little lightness to our souls,

Singing God's song; "simply be & dwell in Me".


It's Simply Tuesday. I hope when you see a daisy this week, you feel a little love and a little lightness.

Hope in Christ,