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An inventive twist on park swings

a friend of mine posted a video clip on instagram of her kids at a park that had musical swings. What a fun whimsical idea. I think Tulsa needs some musical swings.


Earlier this week I posted about swinging into Spring, and then sinking into Summer; my friend Anjuli responded with her prayers and also these words in her instagram feed:

"When God is calling you into something new (an adoption, job, overseas, ministry, a move, a commitment, kids education, relationship, you name it) and you are terrified to go- I know that fear.

When the unknowns and questions and doubts make your heart shake- I get it.

When seasons change- Spring turning into summer and you feel like you're sinking- I'm so there.

When stepping out in faith makes you want to run back to an old habit, way of living, or security object for safety. I understand that too.

When God keeps nudging you to say, "yes," but you keep digging your heels in saying, "no". It's okay to be honest about it.

Remember, God is already there, at that place He is asking you to go. He is there patiently waiting, inviting, and welcoming you to enter this new land, season, and place of change. You don't need all the answers. You need to see that He sees you- LOVE eyes locked into yours. Just keep walking. You aren't walking into the hard, different, lonely, unknown places alone. ❤️#stayawaketolove"

God has placed amazing women in my life this past Spring, and I am so humbled.

Follow Anjuli @lovealways.anjuli on instagram where her honest vulnerable messy words + her beautiful photos are healing and hopeful.


links i love

rejoice and be sad by Shannan Martin

because gentleness and truth are woven in her words

the seahorse way by Erin at design for mankind

because of synchronicity. I keep stumbling on to interesting facts about the Sea Horse this year. Also, Oliver was sitting on my lap watching a cartoon show called Octonauts for the first time ever when I clicked on this link. Sure enough Erin mentions her daughter learning about the Sea Horse while watching Octonauts. It felt like synchronicity. Plus, the message carries wonder and hope.

the difference between a good year and a great year by Anne Bogel

because I have experienced this as a teacher and in different small groups

Gentleness + Strength

Where is God showing me examples of gentleness right now? I had the special opportunity to talk with and to learn from a favorite author of mine this spring, Emily P Freeman. During that time she suggested I write down and notice how God shows me gentleness, and how He is calling me to be gentle. (since she knows gentleness is the filter for my blog)

This week I have found gentleness in a book: The Walls of Arab by Carole Towriss. I recently joined my Aunt Carole's book launch team for the third book in her trilogy. She writes historical, biblical Christian novels, based on stories in the Bible and in-depth research.

As I was making my Summer reading list, and found out about Carole's new book, it felt like God leading me. And guess what? The story is about gentleness breaking down the walls in our heart. I have only just begun the book, but I love it already. It will be available to purchase very soon. Thank you Carole.

"We all have many tasks given to us by Yahweh. Perhaps the sheep were only to prepare you- to give you the gentle heart you needed." The Walls of Arab by Carole Towriss


A Poem for Your Weekend

summertime daisies-2 revised