An Invitation to Wonder: Mount Everest


This is the 5th installment in a mini-series about the 7 natural wonders of the world.

I look at the Great Barrier Reef and see clear waters.

I look at the Northern lights and see swirling dancing colors in the night sky. 

I look at the Victoria Falls and see a curtain of water collapsing and a rainbow in the mist.

I look at the Grand Canyon and I see layers of earth revealed.

And now I come to a mountain,

Mount Everest.

It's mighty and majestic, covered in snow, the tallest peak in the world.


And I wonder what lesson are there to be found in this mountain so tall and with conditions so fierce?

blinding snow, freezing temps, unpredictable avalanches, little to no oxygen

After learning more about Mount Everest I wonder if maybe this mountain is simply meant to adore, not to explore? or maybe not?

It's been the hardest one of the wonders for me to write about so far. I have written then deleted a couple of attempts. I think this is because it represents both extremes; the joy of persevering and accomplishing a goal (reaching the top), but also of loss.  I was met on the internet with too many stories of heartbreak that could have been avoided.

A mountain so beautiful and majestic is a place of loss for many.

Sometimes we expect beauty and inspiration, and instead we are met with loss and devastation that seems senseless. Or sometimes our places of joy are places of grief for others.

Reading about this mountain brought mixed emotions to my soul.

a prayer and a bible study for mixed emotions of joy and grief

I recently saw on my Instagram account that will soon be starting a Bible study called Mourning and Dancing: a Study of Griefwhich may interest you. Here is the description:

 "God created us as complex creatures, capable of feeling and sensing a whole garden of emotions. Made in the image of our Creator, we can both grieve the wrongs of this world, and celebrate the sweetness of this life. Even still, it can be difficult to live in the tension of joy and sorrow in our lives, both individually and as communities.

This two-week reading plan will lead us through a series of passages from Scripture that examine the seasons of mourning and dancing in the life of a believer."

Also, here is a link to a prayer by Emily P Freeman titled A Prayer for the People in Joy and in Grief.

"Life is a tangled up, colorful mess of joy and grief. And we are caught up, for better or worse, in the web of it." -Emily P Freeman