Weekend Care Package

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Here are some quotes to read.

soak in.


"It takes courage to grow up and turn out to be who we are. We face surprises. And disappointments. The crucial fact is that we are different from anyone we know and admire... It takes all one's courage to be the person one is, fulfilling one's odd and unique possibilities." -M.C. Richards, quote found in my Sacred Ordinary Days Planner

"You need only claim the events of your life to make yourself yours. When you truly posses all you have been and done . . . you are fierce with reality." -Florida Scott-Maxwell, quote found in my Sacred Ordinary Days Planner


A prayer for the weekend

 Lord let us see the way you love us and let us grow in our own unique design with peace and thankfulness.

If you haven't stopped by my blog on the weekend before,  I like to share an assortment of links, images, poems and more that you might enjoy in my post "Weekend Care Package".

This weekend's shares are for those needing a reminder to embrace your own uniqueness, needing a bit of loveliness and whimsy (poetry and art), needing help transitioning from vacation back to real life, or needing to receive your own summer even when it might not be turning out how you would have hoped.



Lazy summer, warm and sweet.

Long, long days full of bees and flowers.

Time to dip your toes in the sea or watch the breeze moving through the grass.

Time to pick a ripe tomato right off

the plant and pop it in your mouth.

Time to look at the sky and dream.

-Nicola Davies, Outside Your Window; A First Book of Nature 

-illustrated by Mark Hearld

Links I Love

How to Receive Your Own Summer Life by Marian Vischer

Life after vacation (or, how to re-enter well) by Alexandra Kuykendall @ the Art of Simple

Again, I am so glad you stopped by. Most likely this weekend I will be sanding cabinets over at the house we are renovating to move into. In between the nitty gritty type of remodeling work, I am hoping to find sometime to read and to relax as well!

What are you up to this weekend? Thinking of you and praying love, gentleness, and strength find their way into your weekend.