Weekend Care Package


"The mower clattered away on the lawns behind her and she took up her stationary set, using it as a fan. Mechanical noises always made the heat seem worse and it was going to be dreadfully hot today. People did strange things in hot weather, unexpected things. It was not unheard of that a person might go a little mad when the temperature sweltered. Constance had never enjoyed Shakespeare-for the most part he was an utter bore-but he had one thing right: Midsummer was a strange and unpredictable time." -Kate Morton, The Lake House

Hi! I hope you are doing well as the temperatures are rising and we are nearing the end of July. Here are simply some links I love and some favorite instagram inspirations. Hope these things bring a little refreshment to your soul or encourage you to push through the summer heat with a little extra determination.

lovely links

what self-care looks like for me right now by Anne Bogel

why self-care is hard for me by Greer O'harah

trauma, triggers, and the presence of Jesus by Kara "love is always and emergency"! My favorite quote of the month

writing links by Caroline Starr Rose my favorite of the links is Rebecca Stead and Kate Dicamillo :: Number Five Bus Presents

on being grateful by by Trina McNeill (simple and sweet reminder)

God's Provisions by Charles Swindle (about pulling back, regrouping, and finding renewal for our souls)

book recommendations

Looking for Lovely by Annie Downs

I just finished reading Looking for Lovely by Annie Downs and it has been my favorite read of the Summer so far. It's about beauty, perseverance, and grace.

"It was the tiny bit of lovely that helped me hang on and show up." -Annie Downs

9 Things You Simply Must Do by Dr. Henry Cloud

I checked the audio version of this book out from the library using the overdrive app. It is full of wisdom drawing from the proverbs and parables found in the Bible. Love how it started out with the parable of the talents, since God had been speaking to my heart about that lately.

instagram inspiration

flower art, encouraging quote &  pretty play-dough