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setting back in by Martha Kimball

because I find her blog soothing, gentle, and artful.

"Our days have been simple. The weather has been roasting hot and humid (ugh), and the kids have still been busy outside, coming in with cheeks flushed with heat. I don’t love summer, but I try to make the best of it. Picking blueberries and flowers from local farmstands, and savoring the daily afternoon thunderstorms helps me endure it. " -martha kimball, everythinghegives.com

what everybody ought to know about self-reflection by Emily P. Freeman

because I will always be thankful for this post.

"Here’s one thing I know: sometimes self-reflection gets in the way. Not the kind I do in the presence of Christ – no that’s the important kind. But the kind I practice while I looking the mirror or in your eyes or at your reactions? That kind gets in the way of the gospel in me. If I spend too much time trying to define myself, it’s easy to forget that I’m free." -emily p freeman

how the boring stuff matters by Tsh Oxenreider

because it was interesting to read about this mom's experience living overseas, and the lessons she learned while abroad.

"I found it odd that God brought me all the way to the other side of the world to, well, raise little kids and manage a home." -tsh oxenreider @in(courage)

"My friend’s comment changed my perspective for the remainder of our time abroad, because it reminded me that no matter where I am or what roles I’ve been given, the point of my life is not usefulness, but in knowing God and enjoying Him forever." -tsh oxenreider @in(courage)

looking back on July by me

5 things I learned in July & 5 joys I found in July

instagram inspiration

@redeeming_table - because I love the ministry of flowers!



because I appreciate shared artwork and watercolor