Once Upon a Summer

image once upon a summer

of upheaval, transition, waiting, persevering, sweat, hard work and uncertainty

(think moving homes and remodeling)

there was a tired mom with a teetering heart

back and forth like a seesaw

pushing off with hope, landing with desperation

pushing off with patience over slow steady progress

then dipping down into irritable fits of fatigue.

The pictures above are from my summer. They represents moments of lovely, calming the undercurrents of unrest.

A rainbow reminder on a miraculous day (the signing day to sell the first house my husband built, a long awaited dream of his), a note of encouraging -timely words, a vacation to the lake up north (giving us a break from the 100+ degree weather), a run in the cool rain, and the joy and simplicity of summer flowers.

They represent manna moments that carried me until they didn't, until I needed another bit of encouragement. We can look back and remember how God has strengthened us in the past, but we will always have a need for renewal.

We will always need more of the Holy Spirit in the now.

"But, like the manna that God provided to Israel in the desert, the "bread" cannot be stored."

"Each day brings with it not only the necessity of eating but the renewal of our love of and in God. This may sound like a simple thing, but it is not easy to maintain faith, hope, or love in the everyday. " The Quotidian Mysteries, Kathleen Norris

Lord, give us this day our daily bread.