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"Here's what I'm holding onto: A seed has everything it needs on the inside to become what it will be on the outside.

I can't measure results or growth the way I prefer, as the growing first happens in darkness.

I can't hurry the process the way I would like, as the breaking and sprouting take time.

I can't force the seed to produce fruit other than what it was meant to bear, as the seed is a particular plant and doesn't change it's essence based on what is currently selling, popular, or marketable.

Though it is not what it will be, a seed has all it needs even while carrying a hopeful vision for transformation in the future."

-Emily P. Freeman, Notes from the Bench (her monthly newsletter)

Links I Love

A Gentle Daily Reminder  sweet desktop wallpaper download from lark & linen, currently on my own desktop.

I downloaded this for my desktop and thought you might like it too.

Making Things Happen vs. Letting Things Happen by Anne Bogel

Anne's practical and helpful tips are great! Also, I love that she writes about the hummingbirds.

Remembering the hummingbirds at our first home, and how I loved sitting at my computer staring out the backyard window to see them floating among the wisteria vines.

Life Right Now by Christie Purifoy author of Roots and Sky: A Journey Home in Four Seasons

Roots and Sky was a book I read this year. It was perfect timing for me, since it's about Christie's journey moving into an older home. We are currently in the moving, remodeling stage. This post is a beautiful  reflection/update on her life right now. If you are moving or renovating a home, you might connect with and enjoy this read.

The Promise of What Lies Ahead by Lacey Dixon

Because this post is filled with joyful truths inspired by children's books.

What We Carry by Erin Loechner

For bloggers, writers, or any type of creators, Erin shares such hopeful helpful advice.

The two links below both are related to mental health. The writers share about their experience in an uplifting understanding way.

A Love that Never Ceases by Emily Kaufmann @(in)courage

When Rest is Necessary by Alia Hagenbach @ the Art of Simple

Instagram Inspiration

@daintymaeco and @okieessentialoiler

Sweet bows made locally in Tulsa and embroidery made at a local shop that offers crafty classes @retrodentulsa .  It inspires me to see people I know creating art of all kinds.




I just finished reading Falling Free by Shannan Martin, as apart of her book launch team.  Shannan writes about the freedom she found in surrendering to God's leading in her life.

Earlier this week I wrote and shared a blog post about asking and praying for our "daily bread": Once Upon A Summer. That same day Shannan posted this photo and quote from her book on instagram, taking my thoughts and prayer one step further.



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