Looking Back on Summer


I'm linking up with Emily P Freeman to share what I learned this Summer. At the end of each month Emily invites bloggers to join with her and reflect on what we have learned. The list can range from light-hearted and silly to deep and thoughtful.

This year she is combining the Summer months together for one single post. Since I had already made a list for June and July, I chose the overall Summer list to be more geared toward thoughtful life lessons.

Here is a collective list of my top 10 lessons from Summer 2016.

Thanks again for visiting my blog!

Top 10 Lessons Learned in Summer 2016

1. Remember to Look for Lovely

Focusing on the beautiful has been essential for me this Summer, seeing as my circumstances weren't ideal; moving and remodeling is hard work!

Looking for Lovely was also my favorite book this summer. Thank you Annie Downs.

"It was the tiny bit of lovely that helped me hang on and show up. God was doing a big work. I knew it, I just had to keep showing up, even when it hurt or felt hard or wasn't AT ALL what I wanted to do.

The view out that window seemed to me the only beautiful in the whole situation, and it was the view that kept me from quitting."  Looking for Lovely, Annie Downs

2. Don't Discount Invisible or Slow Growth

I kept coming across this message during the summer. This felt relevant to me maybe because our "moving and remodeling" feels like it has put our life somewhat on hold. However, I take comfort in the idea that God may have been doing some invisible work in our lives this Summer, through all the lessons we have learned while being in transition.

I am also applying this lesson to my blogging and writing, as I keep taking the next step forward.

3. You are Enough


It's easy to focus on all the things we are not, instead of celebrating what we are; celebrating our unique soul.

I had someone I look up very much tell me this past spring their prayer for me (specifically about my writing)  is that God would protect my heart from the feeling of being "not enough". She planted that truth in my heart and it has continued to grow throughout the summer.

It's like God has been watering that truth through books I have read and other encouraging timely words from friends.

Here is a recent post I wrote on my birthday which ties into this lesson: Celebrate Your Soul

4. Pay Attention to Undercurrents of Anxiety

It's good to have practical goals. It's fun and rewarding. But if I am not careful, my motivations shift subtly into an anxious hustle-mode.

When I become aware of undercurrents of anxiety I try to stop and reset.

5. Don't Rely Only on Yesterday's Miracle

Here is a recent a post about our need for renewal and daily mercies.  Once Upon a Summer

6. Receive Your Own Summer

Thanks to my friend Marian Vischer for teaching me this MUCH needed lesson of receiving my right now life. Read more of Marian's words here: How to Receive Your Own Summer Life

7. Blogging Brings me Joy

Guess What? This is my 100th blog post! It's been a year since I started blogging and I still love it.  As the year progressed the filter and focus for my writing took shape and I found some rhythms for my writing.

I was surprised by the opportunities blogging opened up for me too. It gave me a chance to get to know some wonderful women writers, and be mentored for a few weeks by a favorite writer of mine.

The creative process is filled with all kinds of emotions and challenges, being apart of the process again is a great learning/growing experience.

8. Having a Treadmill Makes All the Difference for Me

Are there things in your life that help you feel balanced and manage your stress?

The treadmill is one of those things for me.

My husband bought a used treadmill a few years ago, and it has been a huge blessing that I didn't know I needed. Currently though, it's packed away while we live at my parents and remodel the home we are moving into. Not having a treadmill has really thrown me off, and also made me realize how much it was helping me.

9. Trust the Eb and Flow of Your Own Busyness and Slow

 If I am not careful I will let guilt play a role in my schedule. My energy level is probably a little lower compared with most people. Also, as an introvert alone time really refreshes me.

This summer when my days were slow, but I knew an eventful weekend or week was around the corner  I resisted the urge to over plan, and just enjoyed the down time. I embraced my own pace, it went really well.

10. Communion with God Carries Me

"The impulse that drives the life of the believer isn't the need to perform for God but to commune with Him." Face to Face with God by Bill Johnson