Weekend Care Package


Links I Love

You Might Be a Good Girl If You... by Emily P Freeman

Some thoughts by Emily on being a hometown tourist. LOVE

An Ideal Single Life by Leigh Kramer

I'm not single, but I thought this was a great/inspiring post by Leigh.

The Clunky One by Abi Spencer

Oh, you are in for a treat. My friend Abi surprised me with a post this week, after a year long break from blogging. Abi has a gift of writing so freely; like she's having a conversation with her closest girlfriends and you get to listen in on it.

One Unexpected Way to Keep Your Dream Alive and Help It Thrive by Cheri Gregory

On pruning things in our life. The photos of her Basil plant are great visuals for this lesson.

Instagram Inspiration

@marianvischer for a recommended read


@sacredordinarydays and @dominomag for fall inspiration; looking forward to cozy blankets and books.