Weekend Care Package


Hello Friday, hello weekend.

The sound of distant thunder echoes in the background as well as Curious George from the TV downstairs.

It's a cozy rainy morning, and I am about to attempt to bake the Pioneer Women's coffee cake recipe to take with me on a weekend retreat. I am headed to a lake house in Branson, Missouri with two of my "boss lady" friends. Have you ever heard of that term before?

Basically, a "boss lady friend" is a someone you can get together with to brainstorm ideas for your creative goals or your business goals.

Writer Emily P Freeman wrote a blog post about this idea, in it she writes "If you’ve ever felt stuck with a big decision you have to make, a project you’re not sure you should take on, or any kind of life or work transition, it helps to have people in your life to help you process that stuff. You need a boss lady friend."

So this weekend I am excited for a retreat at the lake for prayer, processing, brainstorming, planning and fun with two of my close girlfriends. I will hopefully write a follow-up post on how the retreat went.

If you are new to my blog, each weekend I collect links, photos, poems, quotes, or various inspiration to share with you. Hope you enjoy this week's assortment.

Quotes from My Current Reads

"The soul screams, but the Spirit whispers.

Fear shouts for me to run.

The Spirit beckons me, Come.

Fear pushes me to hide, take cover, and protect myself.

The Spirit whispers, I have already overcome.

Fear hurls insults, chaos, and anxiety.

The Spirit lavishes love, steadfastness, and peace."

-Grace for the Good Girlby Emily P. Freeman

"Good girls see Jesus as someone to copy. Free women listen to the voice of His Spirit who dwells inside us." Grace for the Good Girl by Emily P Freeman

Links I Love

15 Books for New Routines and Fresh Starts by Anne Bogel

How to Find (and Be) A Boss Lady Friend by Emily P Freeman

The Spiritual Discipline of Making Soup by Aimee Kollmansberger

The Harbingers of Autumn by Martha @ everythinghegives.com

Instagram Inspiration

Celosia flowers from my back porch. Ombre' flowers for the ombre'-ish month of September.