Weekend Care Package


A collection of inspiration, gentleness, and whimsy for your weekend.

"I can only take each day as it comes. God is the only one who can bring anything to fruition, so the only sensible thing to do is trust in Him."  -Carole Towriss

A Poem


Speak to Me, Oh, Gentle Waters

Speak to me, oh, gentle waters,

Lapping gently at my feet.

Impart to me a precious measure

Of the peace with which you greet

A restless world of people who

Know how to rest no more,

Until they sense what they have missed

When musing on your shore.

-from the book: Pathways for the Poet by Viola Jacobson Berg, the author of the specific poem in the book not found

Links I Love

That Woman, Part 2 by Abi Spencer

Abi is a friend of mine. At times she has felt like a mentor too! I love Abi's voice as a writer; it's fun and authentic. #honestabi !

Peace in the Chaos by Meredith McDaniel

Possibly my favorite September-ish post about the all the transition the month brings with it.

4 Reasons Why You Haven't Finished That Creative Project Yet by Emily P Freeman

Emily is such an encourager for anyone hoping to start or complete a creative project of all types.

Tyranny, Time, and Trust by Carole Towriss

This post is great for busy moms. Carole is my Dad's cousin's wife, I consider her like an Aunt. She writes fiction books based on characters in the Bible. Her deep faith, courage to create and to share her work inspires me. This is her latest blog post.

Instagram Inspiration


A friend of mine, Ann Chinworth, and her 2 close friends are launching an Instagram account and blog exploring the timelessness of books! I am excited to follow their journey on Instagram and invite you to follow along too.

@megduerksen because sunflowers, butterflies, & scripture...


@augustwren her book Draw Everyday, Draw Everyday is on my wishlist