Start Somewhere; Nap Time Art

It's funny the random things that spark the start of something new. Or maybe it's not random; maybe you had some idea in mind for a long time, but until you had the right tool in your hand to begin you keep going on in your days of ordinary upkeep and living.  This idea is pushed into a cluttered pile of wishful hopeful maybe later thoughts.

You might be procrastinating. But maybe that's not it.

Maybe you are trusting too.

And maybe at the right time, you will know to begin again.

And as it turns out the lessons or skills you have gained in the in-between days will be a key to your success.

These are things I am learning and thinking about; trusting God's timing and provision. And the trust has grown stronger through experience and time, like the way I have come to trust God's faithfulness.

But right now, if your faith is as small as a mustard seed.  Don't panic. If you doubt God's faithfulness. Wait. And what will happen? After a while you will begin to trust in His faithfulness because you will experience it.

It's like standing in front of the Old Faithful Geyser; seeing it erupt hour after hour, day after day, week after week, you will start to more firmly believe that it will erupt again soon.

In so many areas of my life I have experienced God's faithfulness.

And that experience has strengthened me.

Of course I wish I was born with faith as strong as oak tree or flourishing like the olive tree. I get ahead of myself and of the process of life in most areas. In the creative process, in my faith process, in the process of growing deep friendships.

This past year I picked up my paints again after a very long break. College, teaching, and becoming a mom had required all my energy.

What sparked it? For one, I had more energy, also I had a space. I had a painting room.

Then we moved again! And my paints have been packed away for 6 months until we move out of my parents and into the house we are remodeling.

So art took a backseat, but thankfully blogging has been an a great artistic outlet for this season.

And then this past week I started making some art again.


What sparked it this time? I was given calligraphy supplies by a family friend. This is not as messy as painting, and does not require as much as much energy as painting the types of pieces I was used to working on. Practicing the letters has been relaxing. So, this led to me buying markers my friend recommend for lettering. They are brush markers! And it feels a little like painting but not as messy. And so this led me to making art once again this past week while Oliver was napping; because I had brush markers!

Also, I picked up a little bit of a new perspective from my best friend's husband about fast/quick art. He is a high school art teacher. I don't remember everything he said, but he seemed to think that quick/fast art has purpose and value and it doesn't make a piece of art less artistic; not all art has to take hours and tremendous focus. There is a time and a place for that though.

It's funny I am mentioning this quick type of art, in a post about trusting the slow process, but never the less, that's life and all its different dimensions.

And so that is the story about what helped me to begin again after 6 months. New pens and permission to enjoy quick art~ or as I call it nap time art.

I know sometimes we would rather force things into existence in our own time, rather than wait and listen for the right time. And sometimes we don't even realize we have begun. The part of the process or season we are in is important, and we will learn the why of it later.

Today I encourage you to trust, to wait, and if you are feeling the nudge to begin again remember it's okay to embrace a small start; like my nap time art.

"We want to live a beautiful life that means something. We want to create and love and move on purpose. We want to make art. We know we are image bearers and our hands itch for the job we were made to do. But we cannot push results ahead of receiving. We cannot dig our heels again the natural rhythm of the sea and expect to win, stretch out stiff arms in the face of God and refuse to receive what he has to offer." Emily P Freeman, A Million Little Ways

Love and Hope in Christ,