Weekend Care Package

Your Father knows what you need before you ask him. Matthew 6:8

A Prayer

You know if we are weary, if we are grieving, if we are stressed. You know if we are busy, if we are lonely, if we are waiting. You know the season we are in, and you know what what we need before we ask.

Help us move into the weekend with trust.

We open our hands faced up to the sky in surrender, in thanksgiving, and in receiving. 

We need You.

In Jesus Name 


Links I Love

Lectio Divina, Moving into Rest by Molly Smith

Because meditating on scriptures about rest sounds like a good idea.

Autumn #Selah by Laurie Tomlinson

Because this simple post speaks to my heart; lightness and gentleness. It also inspires me to look for selah moments this weekend.

The Spiritual Discipline of Idleness, Solitude, and Daydreaming by Shelly Miller

Because sometimes we need encouragement to be silent and to be still.

Instagram Inspiration


"An empty cup can be  a good sign. With a reeling mind and a generous exchange of ideas."