A Simple Way to Reset


At 4:30 I start looking forward to the evening walk,

before the second shift starts: dinner, bath time, dishes (sometimes), bedtime, and squeezed in there somewhere a time for me to take a walk or a jog.

I walk around my parents neighborhood for now, until our home is renovated and we move in.

I walk off the tension of the waiting game, this transition place of not having our own space yet.

I walk with vague visions of creative dreams/future things, wondering how and if and when; doubtful, hopeful all in one. And sometimes walking with them allows me to sort through them. Sometimes walking with them helps me release them with each step.

This walk is like a reset button.

Reset the rush with a gentle hush.

Reset what's restless with a calm connected centeredness.


And I pass the willow tree. My favorite tree in the neighborhood.

And I take pictures of the sky.

And I come to a fountain.

A symbol of scripture

an image of psalms

a soothing sound

"For with me is the fountain of life, in your light we see light" Psalms 36:9

a tangible reminder

at the end of a day that is long.

The migrating birds fly over my head. and I take another picture.


finding a beauty that is gentle and a hope that is both kind and strong

on an evening walk.