Weekend Care Package


How was your week after Thanksgiving?

All the momentum we had staying up late remodeling our home during Thanksgiving weekend came to a halt- fevers and stomach bugs.

The drywall installers who were starting the job Monday, said they couldn't start until Friday.

Considering it may be the last week (or two) of living at my parents, I did find moments to  to cherish before this transition season comes to an end.

Last night I sat sipping peppermint tea watching tv while Mom wrapped presents.

Also, the new Gilmore Girls season, the new Fixer Upper episode, the Crown, and the Christmas music special on tv were all welcomed distractions that helped me through the week.

So here I sit at the computer, my husband still in bed with a fever, wondering if the drywall installers actually showed up. And as I look out the window, I give thanks for fresh morning mercies.


Links I Love

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My sister-in-law's friend inspires me with her vlog -video blog. She hosted a party for an artist friend, and I LOVE the photos of the beautiful art and art studio. Makes me want to paint or host art shows for my talented art friends.

Wise Words for the Week @ lalalovely.com

Some simple words that gave my heart serenity. A lovely blog too.

the Time of Singing- the Wonder of Advent by Sally Lloyde-Jones

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On daily delighting in December

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