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"Grab your coat and get your hat Leave your worry on the doorstep Just direct your feet To the sunny side of the street"


-song lyrics, the sunny side of the street

Links I Love

Honesty: When the Wrestle Ain't Over  by Abi Booth

"So, here I sit, the girl in the wrestle. Don't have the exact language for it yet, looking forward to the other side, but refusing to jump ship because conflict is uncomfortable." -Abi Spencer

The Most Unwelcome Guest at Christmas by Emily Freeman

A post on being gentle with ourselves.

God of All Comfort by Kara Pyo

Kara writes and captures photos with an artistic gentleness, beauty, and joy that is uniquely her own. I love it!

Accepted by Carolyn Watts

Favorite Christmas House Tours from Around the Internet by Emily Jones

The links are fun, but I really loved this post because I relate to the house renovation struggles! Maybe you are in a season like this too.

"There may have been a mild meltdown last weekend. I might possibly have too lofty expectations. It’s a struggle to live in the midst of chaos and feel constrained by budget and time and surely that struggle is not just felt by me. It is just part of moving and of house renovation and we fully welcomed it all. Now if I could learn to chill out and enjoy the process …"

Instagram Inspiration



Little Women is one of those movies I love watching around the holidays. My book is packed away in boxes until we move into the home we are currently remodeling. I may have to reread Little Women come January when we are all moved in. And the knitting seems like a great Winter hobby.



Cordelia is on the Chasing Slow book launch team with me. Don't you love that name?! I do! I should be getting an advanced copy of Erin Loechner's book any day now.

Cordelia's Instagram post reminds me of a book I'm reading about Gentleness. There is a section that discusses how it begins with being still and listening for the whispers of God's voice.



For the Littles

Free Personalize Santa Video Messages  I created one for Oliver, and his eye were so wide while watching. He turned to me at the end and said "Mommy, Santa is so nice."

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