Journey to Gentleness 2017

"Blessed are the ears that eagerly listen for the breath of the divine whisper; and do not pay attention to the many whisperings of the world." -Thomas A Kempis

Gentleness begins within; receiving truth instead of lies, listening for God's voice of love instead of  a voice of rejection that tells us we are never good enough and there is always something missing. Because the truth is we are made whole in Him.

On my journey to gentleness in 2017 I am focusing on the following actions. I thought I might share them with you.


2017 Journey to Gentleness

  1. Read books and poems with truthful hopeful themes.
  2. Soak in scripture.
  3. Listen for His whisper.
  4. Seek to nourish my soul with peace.
  5. Be still in His presence.
  6. Let life give way to smallness and surrender and serving  as deep calls to deep even in our daily work.

I am wrapping up this mini-series Clothe Yourself with Gentleness with today's post. I have loved where this creative process has taken me.

In wrapping up the series, I am shifting perspective to peace. Peace is my word for 2017. Just something I may study about or take more notice of this year.

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