early without hurry

In Iron Man pajamas Oliver runs into our bedroom this morning. Up earlier than us on a school day is unusual for him.

"Come see the Christmas lights. I turned on the Christmas tree lights." 

I giggle, not expecting that response.

We put out our small white pastel lighted tree yesterday after school, while watching Mickey's Christmas. The colors remind me a little of a confetti cake, the kind you make from a Betty Crocker box mix. Love!

Only one ornament was found broken as I unwrapped and unpackaged them.

But of course it was my favorite. A snow globe from Anthropologie that my mom had bought me a year or two ago. So whimsical with a light blue velvet bow on the top. 

Oh, but I just remember, the angel my mother-in-law gave me broke too.  It's not an actual ornament, but I had grand plans for the ceramic angel wearing a folk art gown, with the little town-of -Bethlehem-manger-scene carved out in it to sit on top of the mantel.  Maybe some glue will do the trick? I don't know why I didn't package it up like usual. Maybe I was in a hurry?

Then one of the white puff pom-poms half-way unravels. My sister-in-law made me the fluffy soft yarn garland and I use it to decorate for almost every holiday. 

Life lived and worn and broken and frayed; even decorations for celebrations.

Some we can repair, some we may let go of, some we display anyway.

This is the earliest I have ever put out Christmas decor. It was a calm Tuesday afternoon and the house was clean so it seemed like a good time to begin. Oliver was thrilled. I felt no rush, just a slow afternoon to savor the joy of small things, like Christmas ornaments unwrapped.

Last year at this time we were living with my parents while renovations were in full swing and dry-wall dust covered our house like snow! ha! nightmare snow!  So this year I am giving thanks and saying cheers to being home. And I wonder what's near the top of your thankful list this year too? 

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving.

May you have courage to keep on if your life seems in disrepair, or in the thick of renovation, may you be gentle with yourself in whatever season you are in, and may the Lord carry you through, and help you find beauty and grace in the ordinary and sacred moments of life.

with love and hope in Christ,


P.S. I am hosting Thanksgiving for the first time ever! I will have to keep you posted on how that goes. 



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