On My Key Chain

Back to school for Oliver and work for Jeff and dishes and coffee and laundry for me.

Cyber Monday, but I won't shop online. Shopping, ugh. 

The week and all my dreams and resistance to those things getting done and complete face me today. So I start with a step of faith and desperation; open the Sacred Ordinary Days Planner and read today's common prayer. Show us your goodness, Lord; and steady our hearts in you. Then I look up the scripture passages listed. From Psalms to Numbers to 2nd Timothy. A theme. A shepherd for a flock in need. Be their shepherd and carry them forever Psalms 28:9. Yes and amen please. Carry us into and through this week and the emotions of it too.

I don't know what your mountain is today that you need to climb or the task you find in front of you. What may look like a marathon to you is a walk in the park for someone else. But let us not compare, and be led to despair.  Let us be gentle with ourselves. Leave comparison behind. 

On my key chain I have two reminders of gentleness given to me by my closest friends. One is a smooth marble stone cracked in the middle, and the crevice is filled in with gold. Beauty in brokenness. The other is a heart that simply says one day at a time on it. And today when I may feel overwhelmed, because I do sometimes feel overwhelm easily, I remember the idea. Instead of one day, I will change it to one dish. one shirt. one step on the treadmill. I start smaller and let that be enough to lead me and carry me forward.