Looking Back on Fall

Joining Emily P Freeman in sharing what we learned this Fall

8 things i learned this fall

1. From visiting the Price Tower in Bartlesville, Oklahoma I learned that famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright often had the furniture built into his architect plans making it unmovable. He didn't like others changing his design.

In his designs he went as far as designing a dress for the host to wear in the house/building too.

The Price Tower was originally going to be built in New York City, but ended up in small town Bartlesville, Oklahoma because of the great depression. He had the copper on the building artificially aged to see the color he envisioned while still alive. They call the green copper building the tree that escaped the crowded forest. 

2. I learned what it's like to host Thanksgiving for the first time. 

3. Oliver loves being out in the ocean waves! While getting ready to visit the ocean for his first time ever during Fall break Oliver said he would not need his swimsuit because he was not getting in the water!!!! Then he asked me several times if there were sharks in the ocean. So I was surprised to learn Oliver loves being in the ocean waves even more than building sand castles or collecting seashells. He was surprised too!

4. At school the red playground is better than the green playground because there are more slides; says Oliver. This fall was his first year in school!

5. Electric bikes; Jeff continues to delightfully surprise me with his ideas and his follow through. One day he tells me he is thinking about riding his bike across town to work instead of driving to work. Next thing I know he has an electric bike that can assist with pedaling so he doesn't get too sweaty and can get there faster. And he has really been riding his bike to work now!?! I think that's crazy, but fun. Laughs. I also didn't know about these electric bikes.

6. Yurts; upon visiting Dripping Springs State Park I learned two things. 1. The film Where the Red Fern Grows was filmed at Dripping Springs State Park. 2. I learned what a yurt is?! Most of you probably have heard of them, but it was new to me.

Once described as “an architectural wonder” by Architectural Digest, the traditional nomadic home of Mongolia and surrounding regions, typically referred to as a Ger, has been widely used for thousands of years. Key factors in defining a yurt are that it is portable, circular, has an accordion lattice wall, a tension band, radial rafters leading up to a central compression ring and is covered in felt or fabric.

7. Acclaimed artist HOTTEA makes the most beautiful art out of yarn. I got to see one of his installations at a local art museum in Tulsa. I had never heard of this artist before then.

8. Othniel and Acsah from the Bible. This fall I read the Biblical Fiction book Prize of War by Carole Towriss. It's the story of Othniel and Acsah, Caleb's daughter and nephew. I learned much about that time period in Bible and also gained much wisdom which can be applied to my everyday life through the storyline. I savored this book slowly and found much comfort in it too.

Acsah is the only daughter of the mighty Caleb, Israel’s most famous spy. When Acsah can’t seem to choose a husband, Caleb feels he must step in, and she soon finds herself betrothed to a warrior. That’s the last thing she wants, however. Soldiers are never home….

Othniel has loved Acsah for as long as he can remember. When Caleb makes his unbelievable promise of picking a trusted warrior for her husband, he fights not only for Israel but for her hand in marriage.

Once safely settled in Debir, Acsah relaxes, believing Othniel can stay home and never fight again … until the giants come back and threaten nearby Anab. Can Acsah deny the people of Anab her husband’s skill and leave them to the giants … or can she trust God if her husband goes to fight once again?
— About the Book; Prize of War caroltowriss.com

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