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In the grief there is so much loss, but He can use that loss as a paint brush of compassion and love.
— Lizzy @ Lizzyloveshealth,com


Grief: a Year in Review by Elisabeth Ensor @ lizzyloveshealth.com

I was actually going to share her New Year's themed blog post:5 Lists Every Woman Should Make In 2018 which I love, but upon visiting her blog I clicked over to this post and found such comfort, kindness, honesty, and love in her words, that I had to share. 

Why Self-Compassion Beats Self-Confidence. by Kristin Wong @ The New York Times and thank you Meredith Mcdaniel @ Milk + Honey counseling for all the wonderful articles you share on your Facebook page each week, like this one!

My Word of the Year: Depth by Cami Monet 

First, Cami Monet's watercolor art and calligraphy is beautiful. Second, I love this post for the combined topics of scripture, creativity/creative buisness, and New Year's goal setting. 

A Year of Reading: 12 Fantastic books for January through December by Janssen Bradshaw @everydayreading

This book list seemed to have some great book suggestions that I might use, and thought I would share with you too.

The 10 Best Books I Read in 2017 by Emily P Freeman

Some of my favorite books I've read have been recommended or written (haha) by Emily. I was excited for this post and some new titles to add to my to-be-read book list. 

Productivity and the Gospel: 3 Tips to Keep Your Resolutions this Year by Kaylie Hodges

a beautiful benediction for 2018

Here’s to paying attention in 2018.

Here’s to choosing to see the routines of our everyday lives as kind liturgies rather than drudgeries.

Here’s to giving ourselves and others grace upon grace in our weakness, to waiting with great hope in our discouragements, and to listening to the gentle heartbeat of our own lives as we move forward into a new year.

Here’s to Jesus revealing more and more of himself through the unique filter of your personality. Yes, yours!

In the inspired words of Macrina Weiderkher, “here’s to believing the truth about ourselves no matter how beautiful it is.”
— Emily P Freeman


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