Weekend Care Package

Time for another February weekend. We have yet to get a decent dreamy snowfall this Winter. Instead warm weather has made it all feel a bit off to me, but that is okay too. I wonder how your winter is shaping up?

As usual today I am sharing some links I love and inspiration for your weekend. 

Also, I recently sent out my February letter. If you missed it you can still sign up and I will send it your way.

This month's letter includes:

  •  what I've been reading
  • movies I have enjoyed
  • favorite podcast episodes which have set the tone for my year
  • my favorite things

Links I Love

On Finding God in Pots & Pans by Aimee Kollmansberger

Father, whisper to us in our ordinary tasks, our daily movements, and when we brush our teeth. Open our ears. Speak Lord, your well-loved servants are listening.
— Aimee Kollmansberger, @ middlemercies.com

Nothing is Something by Lisa Leonard

- On not underestimating stillness and rest

On Love and Longing by Ruth Simons

The 12 Best Vessels & Vases for Your Home @ Waiting on Martha

- A little lightness from this link; just some ideas for displaying flowers. Find delight in the details.

When You Feel Like the Noise of the World Has Affected Your Soul by Lauren Washer

When I focus on all of this noise–even the good parts–without meaning to I start to shut out the voice of God. And when I shut out the voice of God my soul feels empty, lost and confused.
— Lauren Washer

Collecting Peace: Movement by me (my latest post)

Sometimes we are still
and sometimes we are stuck
In our stillness there is an awareness of God moving
in our “stuck-ness” there is an irritation or lack of motivation, a dragging of feet,
an anxiety or shame that stops us and tempts us to retreat
— Melissa Hirshburg