Looking Back on Winter

At the end of each season I take time to look back before moving ahead. 

The practice of reflecting on how God has been moving in my life and what I've learned has always been something I enjoyed. However, after such a harsh Winter, it feels more like a discipline than a delight. 

Winter 2017 was a stretching season for us. Our home renovation which was planned to be done by the beginning of Fall lasted almost the entirety of Winter. We finally moved in last week! Woo hoo! So though I feel some resistance in looking back, I know there is beauty, growth, and goodness to be found in taking time to slow down and remember.

I am linking up with Emily Freeman to share what I learned this Winter.

1. Sometimes I need help to stop for breaks; whether for a girls night out, a hike outside or for time relaxing with family. I was somewhat dreading the Holidays since I had hoped we would be moved in by then but we were still not finished. I was viewing it as a delay in making more progress. Yet, the break ended up being a time of joy and comfort- thanks to my Mom's southern casseroles, beautiful table settings, my hilarious brothers + encouraging sister-in-laws, fun late night board games, adorable nieces/nephews, plus time with Jeff and Oliver relaxing. Family visiting from out of town forced Jeff and I to take little breaks from our home remodel during the Holiday season and spend time with them. It was wonderful! Also, one weekend when we were super worn down Jeff insisted we take a break and go on a spontaneous hike. I kind of threw a fit/pouted/complained, then ended having a great time. You can read about it here.

2. Drywall dust is my enemy. I never knew this part of remodeling. So much dust everywhere. So much time cleaning after each phase of renovation.

3. Use caution when wiping dirt off walls. Moving in furniture to our newly painted house left many marks here and there. I tried to gently wipe it off the other day, and the paint came off too! ahhh! Laughing so I don't cry. I need to buy a special product that will do the trick with out taking off paint!?!

4. Small hand-held rechargeable vacuums are my new favorite cleaning tool for 2 reasons!

  1. They are light weight.
  2. They only last 15 minutes or so before needing to be recharged-which makes me take breaks! After the wood floors were sanded and finished there was a film of saw dust on all the base boards. Instead of dragging a vacuum around, this hand held vacuum made getting the base boards clean very hassle free. Thankfulness.

5. Storage solutions; I had been storing my hair brushes the wrong way. I had just been throwing them in my cabinet drawer, but did not like when hair got everywhere in the drawer. My mom suggested I keep them in a wicker basket under the sink. She keeps her brushes in a wicker basket in the bathroom closet. Sometimes it's the little things in life, like clean drawers? Also, I still LOVE using a silverware tray to store my make-up! 

 6. Lilac bushes bloom best after a harsh Winter with significant frost.  Fun fact to learn after having my own type of harsh Winter. I learned this from reading the historical fiction book Lilac GirlsAlso fun to note, in some countries they symbolize Easter, and they are the New Hampshire state flower. My younger brother, sister-in-law, and niece live there. 

7. Woodpeckers can peck up to 29 times per second. A fun fact from Earth Psalms by Francine Rivers. She used the analogy of the woodpecker as a reminder to be persistent in prayers, especially when we are worried.


8. The Lush hair product Queen Bee is my new go to product for my frizzy curly hair.