Weekend Care Package

How was your week?

It's been sunny and super warm in Tulsa, so Oliver got to make mud pies and play with his water table in our new backyard. 

Patches of weeds are popping up everywhere and part of the fence is broken. The porch is piled high with things to be sorted and moved. I did however rake up leaves and clear out a couple boxes.

Patience and a good prioritized task list will be an anchor for me the next few months.

This weekend we will keep working on home projects. Also, now that the house is getting lived in I find the need to rearrange the furniture here and there after discovering what works for us and what doesn't. It is a process. So we might be doing some more of that too.

If I could I would send you some oils to diffuse this weekend. Maybe peppermint and wild orange if you need a energizing lift, or maybe lavender for a rainy cozy Saturday?

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Here are some links I love and Instagram inspiration for a little bit of gentleness, strengthening, and artfulness too.

wall flower

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