Weekend Care Package


Welcome to another weekend care package post.

I wonder what you are doing this weekend, and what resistance or gracious provision is greeting you today? 

This weekend I hope to make more progress moving into our home and to celebrate a friend and her baby on the way.

Whatever your weekend entails I've gathered some things gentle and hopeful in order to strengthen your soul along the way.

Links I Love

A New Page For Your Journal by Emily P Freeman

- on anchoring the soul by keeping track of what we learn each season

The Rest Found in Movement by N'Tima Preusser @ Coffee + Crumbs

- on self-care and getting unstuck

What's Saving My Life by Anne Bogel @ Modern Mrs. Darcy

- a Winter survival guide of sorts

The Craft and Courage of L.M. Montgomery, Pt 4 by Lanier Investor @ The Rabbit Room

- an honest look at L.M. Montgomery (author of Anne of Green Gables) and her struggle with depression plus the hope she shared through her writing

On Being Congruent; The Road to Authenticity by Bekah Jane Pogue

-  about Bekah's  journey towards honesty and authenticity

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