Collecting Peace: Mid-Week

A side note

Welcome to the 6th installment in my series on collecting peace. I love seeing how a series evolves and what path it takes me on. So far this series on peace has seemed light-hearted and practical. With all the chaos of moving and settling into our new to us - old home and with Oliver not taking naps my time and energy for writing has shifted. So I give myself grace and let this series be what it will be. 

Do you have a day of the week when you seem to hit a wall? A day you seem to often struggle with motivation?

Wednesday is that day for me. It so happens to be the middle of the week. Oh the middle. 

The fresh start of a new week has worn away and I feel that strong need for more grace.

What is one way to combat these "middle moments"; whether you are in the middle of a project, the middle of the week, or right now the middle of March?! 

I'm taking this simple tip from proverbs. 

Oil and perfume make the heart glad, So a man’s counsel is sweet to his friend.
— Proverbs 27:9

Oils, fragrance, and friends! Love it!

It's short and sweet advice and sometimes we tend to underestimate the small + the sweet and how they can get us up on our feet again, moving and maybe even with momentum.

This week while reading Earth Psalms by Francine Rivers I came across an awesome analogy about friendship and redwood trees. It made me thankful for the way God uses friendships to strengthen us; our friendship with God and with each other.

Though the trees tower hundreds of feet overhead, and some of these trees are so big you can link hands with ten people and still not encircle the base, these giants have a shallow root structure. A good wind would blow one over if it were standing alone like an oak tree on a hillside. But because the redwoods grow close together, the roots are interwoven, adding strength so that when the winds come and the rains pound and soak the soil, these trees stand and continue to grow-some more than a thousand years.
— Earth Psalms by Francine Rivers

Last night after a long day of not getting things done on my to-do list I got a text from two of my closest friends. Our short conversation seemed to spark refreshment and joy in my heart.

Then, this morning I got up and I put some dishes away. I took out the trash. I cleared some counter tops. And I got out some sweet smelling oils to diffuse; peppermint and wild orange. When I sat down at my computer I put on elevation oil by doTerra too. I lit a candle too. Why not?!