Weekend Care Package

Welcome to my weekly round up of links I love and artful inspiration. I hope what I share from others will usher you into the weekend with gentleness and loveliness. 

Both sets of Grandparents were out of town during this spring break week, so Oliver and I made some strolls down the street to Grandmom's house to feed her dogs. After a text from a friend I also realized I was a month late in needing to enroll Oliver in pre-k for next fall. Friends are priceless!!!! So I scrounged around for birth certificates and vaccination reports and made my way up to the enrollment center. It felt a little monumental signing him up for the same school Jeff and I attended. Go Jenks Trojans- maroon & white, bold & bright! haha

Anyway, after a long week I am thankful Friday has arrived. 

Love and Hope in Christ,


Links I Love

What it Feels Like When Your Kids Are Growing Up by Emily P Freeman

Emily gives a hopeful vision for mid-life and a beautiful descriptive glimpse into her mom-life. This week I turned in all of Oliver's forms for pre-k and so this post felt timely.

Before You Sleep Tonight by Abi Spencer

Abi shares her own kind words + inspiring quotes by Ernest Hemingway and Julia Cameron for writers.

When It's Hard to Keep Holding On: What Helps Me by Ann Voskamp

True encouraging words with a touch of toddler sweetness at the end!

On Skipping Worry and Living Lightly by Aimee Kollmansberger @ middlemercies.com

Because one way we can offer ourselves gentleness is to embrace a little lightness. 

3 Kid-Friendly DIYs for your Snow Day Craft Arsenal @ Design Sponge

My friend Molly and I have been wanting to have our boys make some art for our home. These ideas looked cool and thought you might appreciate them too.


Weekly Truth @She Reads Truth + art by Emily Jeffords

Beautiful art and scripture for your phone lock screen.


Snow and Sweaters by Martha @ everything He gives

Because I love celebrating the creative work of others and cozy things that make life a little more comforting  + beautiful photos

Fairfield Porter by Carrie Shryock

Carrie generously shares art inspiration in this post by introducing the reader to one of her favorite painters (that I had not heard of before)! Such beautiful art.


Instagram Inspiration