Weekend Care Package

wcp 3-3-2017

Links I Love

The Spiritual Discipline of Watering Plants by Aimee Kollmansberger @ middlemercies.com

I just bought a few plants for our new to us-old home; and so the timing of this post seemed perfect for me. Maybe it will be for you too? Also, I love the post.

Long Time Gone by Allie Weig

About underestimating the stress of moving + the importance of making time for prayer

Coffee Break: Repeat Meals by Emily Ley

a good self-care reminder 

5 Steps to Living More Creatively by Kimberly Coyle

cheers to creativity and some helpful suggestions about it

Plant of 2017: Indoor Olive Tree @ Thou Swell

Just for fun. I think an indoor Olive Tree would be great.

Podcast picks

When We All Become Ourselves: Affirming Each Other in a Million Little Ways by Grit'n Grace Episode 38

Three Power Tools from God by Pastor Jeff Perry @ St. Louis Family Church

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